4 Surprising Facts About Liposuction

liposuctionOne of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, liposuction has been a top choice for decades for patients who want to achieve a sculpted, slimmer appearance. What many patients might not know is that liposuction has evolved and improved over the years, thanks in part to advances in technology, research and the development of groundbreaking techniques.

Facts About Liposuction

  1. It’s becoming less and less invasive. Liposuction was once a fairly painful and invasive procedure, but is becoming less and less so. New techniques and smaller instruments allow for minimal discomfort and significantly smaller incisions. Some cases require only local anesthesia to be used, minimizing complications.
  2. It can be performed on hard-to-reach areas. These days, surgeons are able to successfully remove fat cells with great precision and care from some areas of the face and body. This is particularly helpful in tricky areas such as the chin, legs/knees, and upper arms.
  3. Liposuction is not one-size-fits-all. There are a number of techniques and tools available to surgeons performing liposuction, ensuring that each procedure can be tailored and customized to create the most satisfying results for the individual patient. Some common techniques include tumescent liposuction, also known as the “super wet” technique, and suction-assisted liposuction. In many cases, a surgeon will use a combination of techniques to achieve the desired result.
  4. Recovery is gradual. The results of liposuction are immediately visible, however swelling is a normal part of the recovery process that can alter the appearance. Most patients wear compression garments for a brief time following the procedure to help reduce swelling. Final results are usually noticeable within three months. To help aid healing, patients are encouraged to walk as soon as possible following surgery. Many patients return to work in a few days, though strenuous activity such as exercise needs to be avoided for about a month.

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