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Liposuction Calgary, ABOur bodies store fat for different reasons. It is great for providing cushion to our organs. And it is handy if we’re lost out in Wood Buffalo National Park for a few weeks.

But for the rest of us stuck behind a desk down here in Calgary, we’re not fond of the fat that tends to accumulate in pockets on our figures. This is especially true of the areas that seem virtually impossible to target with changes in diet and exercise regimens — the lower abdomen, the flanks, the thighs, and even under our chins.

Dr. Frank can help you take the fight to the fat with tumescent liposuction. This popular body-contouring procedure keeps evolving and becomes easier and easier to take.

How is liposuction done?

It may seem as if liposuction has been around forever. But it actually originated in France in the 1970s and came to Canada in the 1980s. Those early liposuction procedures were pretty violent. The cannulas used were larger, as were the access incisions. And to break loose and suction out the fat, the surgeon had to move the cannula back and forth quite aggressively. As you would assume, this caused fairly extensive tissue trauma and bleeding. The result of this was serious bruising that could linger for months before fully clearing. Also, those early liposuction procedures could create sunken areas where fat had been unevenly removed.

Those days are long gone. Today, various techniques and improvements have made liposuction much easier to recover from, much more precisely targeted, and made for much better final results. Thanks to advances in technique, Dr. Frank can now use liposuction on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, chin, and the neck.

He uses tumescent liposuction, where the target area is first injected with a solution that consists of sterile saline water, epinephrine, and lidocaine. The lidocaine removes the need for general anesthesia (which used to be needed for liposuction procedures). The epinephrine constricts the blood vessels to minimize bleeding and subsequent bruising. And the saline causes the treatment area and the fat pockets to swell, making it easier to remove the unwanted fat.


Liposuction used to create extensive bruising that could last for months, but those days are gone. Patients can now return to work after liposuction in just a few days. Compression garments need to be worn for a few weeks to keep the swelling down and to help the body adapt to its new slimmer contours. You’ll love your results, which will first begin showing themselves in one to two weeks, as swelling subsides. They will continue to improve as the skin tightens to the new contour. This can take up to six to nine months.

Interested in a more contoured you for 2019? Call Dr. Frank at (403) 245-1228 to schedule a consultation for liposuction.

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