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If you’re old enough to remember the Flames’ most famous player, Lanny McDonald, you probably also remember the American actor Kirk Douglas. Maybe even Burt Lancaster. The one thing those two actors had in common was their chiseled chins.

Yes, those were chins all men wished they had. Unfortunately, many of us have what could be deemed “weak” chins, with not as much projection or as impressive a profile as we’d like.

But these days you can do something about it. You can have chin implants with Dr. Frank.

Why chin augmentation?

The goal of chin implant surgery is to reshape the chin to improve its overall appearance by enhancing or reducing it. Dermal fillers can provide some of these effects on a temporary basis, but chin surgery gives a patient a stronger, more prominent chin permanently. Many patients have chin augmentation performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty, as the chin and nose can each affect the visual proportion of the other.

What happens in chin implant surgery?

Men usually want to beef up their chins, to make them more prominent with a sharper side profile. They opt to have chin augmentation. There are several options available for the patient. Dr. Frank can make the chin wider or lengthen it to make it appear stronger and more visible. To do this, silicon implants are added to change the profile of the chin.

In the surgery, Dr. Frank usually is able to make any necessary incisions inside the patient’s mouth to eliminate any visible scarring. This can be predicated upon the size and rigidity of the implant, however. It’s important that the implant not shift position, so Dr. Frank affixes it to the bone or the surrounding tissues, or he creates a pocket to precisely accommodate the implant.

Chin surgery is generally very straightforward and performed on an outpatient basis. There are also temporary augmentation options using dermal fillers to build up the chin. These results, however, only last around six months to a year and then the injections need to be repeated. The results are not as pronounced, although this can give a patient an opportunity to, in effect, demo a new chin before opting to have Dr. Frank perform the surgery.

Want to have a chin like you were envying in that Kirk Douglas movie the other night? Call Dr. Frank at (403) 245-1228 and set up a consultation for chin augmentation.

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