Are Facial Implants or Fat Grafts Right for Me?

Facial implantsFacial harmony is often the goal of many patients seeking plastic surgery. Sometimes, patients wish to undergo rhinoplasty to help improve upon the proportions of the face. In some cases, a chin or cheek implant may produce better results than reshaping of the nose. In other cases, fat grafting, or taking fat from one area of your body and placing it in areas of your face, can be used to improve facial harmony.  Facial implants and fat grafts are intended to enhance you appearance, and shine light on your existing beauty. Facial implants and fat grafts have become a growing trend in plastic surgery. They are not intended to completely alter your appearance. In most situations, patients discover a new level of self-confidence.

Facial implants are specially made from firm, solid biocompatible materials that enhance the shape of facial features to create a well-balanced appearance. Biocompatible implants work with living tissue in the face to create natural feel and expression. The two most common facial implants are cheek and chin, but sometimes lower jaw implants can be used to widen and define the jawline.

Facial implant and fat grafting surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia on an out-patient basis. Cheek and chin implants and fat grafts generally take an hour in surgery. Aside from obvious post-operation swelling, the results are noticeable immediately. Facial implants are intended to be permanent and rarely require a second surgery.  Occassionally, a second procedure of fat grafting may be needed if some of the graft doesn’t take.   As time passes and the face heals, the contours of your new facial features will become more prominent.

Scarring result of facial implant and fat grafting surgery can virtually be invisible to the naked eye. Chin implants can be inserted through a small intraoral incision, which is an incision made  inside the mouth where the bottom lip meets the gum line. Alternately, chin implant incisions can be camouflaged underneath the chin where they are unlikely to be noticed. Cheek implants can also be inserted through an incision in the mouth above the top gum line. Alternately, cheek implant incisions may be within the lower eyelid lash line or in the sides of the hairline to produce the most unobtrusive results.  Fat grafts are inserted using very small needles that leave almost imperceptible scars.

If you are interested in undergoing facial implant or fat grafting surgery, be sure to clearly communicate your goals and expectations for your operation with your surgeon.

Facial Implants and Fat Grafts in Calgary

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