Eyelid Surgery for Men

The skin around our eyes and on our eyelids is among the thinnest on the entire human body. This human characteristic is the same for both women and men. The “rugged” look with severely wrinkled crow’s feet and under eye areas is no longer accepted for men as attractive. That could explain why Dr. Frank has more and more men come in seeking to rejuvenate the area around their eyes with eyelid surgery.

A man’s eyes can really age the overall face and present a tired, older impression to others. Sagging eyelids and under eye bags and creases are all to blame. Dr. Frank performs eyelid surgery for many male patients to rejuvenate their eyes.


It’s more difficult to get breakout statistics from Health Canada, but a trend in America provides interesting background. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, of a total of 1,679,164 cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. in 2018, men accounted for 214,741 of those, making up 13 percent of the total.

For men, the most popular cosmetic surgery was rhinoplasty, nose reshaping surgery, with 52,660 procedures in 2018. Second was eyelid surgery with 31,494 procedures. Third was liposuction with 29,528 procedures.

Reasons men want eyelid surgery

Everyone wants to look rested, alert, and attentive. Hooded, sagging eyelids and deep lines and bags beneath the eyes make a man look older, tired, and less engaged.

For men, eyelid surgery has obvious similarities between men and women — both want to remove excess skin and tighten underlying support muscles — but there are also differences. On the upper eyelid, men want the skin lifted off of the eyelashes, but it can’t leave a hollow or feminized appearance. On the lower eyelids, men look to remove under eye bags and smooth the crease that often forms between the eyelid and the cheek.

These changes can take up to a decade off a man’s facial age. Plus, the eyes are usually the area of the face a person looks at first when initially meeting a person, so this procedure can really change the impression your eyes are making. Eyelid surgery with Dr. Frank can be a great procedure for men who need to interact at work with men and women who are years, even decades, younger than they are.

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