Male Facial Plastic Surgery for the Win

plastic surgery Calgary, AB Canada facebookOver the past several years, cosmetic surgeons have seen a marked increase in interest among men for various anti-aging procedures. We could surmise that the advent of Botox and fillers paved the way for men to step into the waters of aesthetic medicine. Now, men are much more open about their desire to maintain a youthful appearance. Not only do men want to keep the pace with their partners, but they also realize the value of a youthful facial aesthetic when it comes to professional success.

Regardless of the underlying reasoning for wanting cosmetic improvement, men can achieve their best appearance in some ways. Some of the facial features that men are interested in improving include the:

  • Men may be able to get away with a few “worry lines” across the forehead, but age-related changes around the eyes may create immense dissatisfaction. Heavy eyelids. Drooping eyebrows. Under eye bags. They suggest a man could use a nap or a good joke. When the ages lose their openness due to changes in the upper or lower eyelids a man’s friendly appearance diminishes right along with the idea of youth. Eyelid surgery removes fatty deposits and excess skin and can be performed alongside a brow lift for natural-looking improvements.
  • Any man who wears a suit and tie knows that this attire can feel overwhelmingly constrictive when there are excess skin and fat tissue around the chin and neck. Submental fullness is a problem that is made to look worse over a button-up shirt. Men are now turning to neck lift surgery and minor liposuction beneath the chin to obtain a more sculpted appearance that also restores angular curves to the jaw line.
  • There are a few ways to increase the strength and sharpness of the chin. In some cases, dermal fillers may be used for temporary improvement. The results of filler chin augmentation last several months and are easy to maintain with follow-up treatments. Neck lift surgery may also strengthen the chin by sculpting the area beneath. Finally, long term improvement can be obtained with chin augmentation involving the insertion of a silicone implant.

Attractiveness is all about proportions. An experienced plastic surgeon doesn’t look at the problem area; he looks at the face as a whole to bring symmetry that draws the eye in. Learn more about facial plastic surgery. Schedule a consultation in our Calgary office at (403) 245-1228.

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