Raising the Bar with a Brow Lift

Brow Lift Calgary, AB CanadaMany people have a persistent desire to raise the bar in their life. For some, this may relate to career success or relationship goals. In many instances, raising the bar is focused on maintaining an appearance that accurately reflects inner youthfulness. Facial aging is nearly impossible to avoid because the skin and superficial tissue respond to everything from collagen depletion to stress to sun exposure. What cannot be avoided can be corrected. Here, we discuss the popular methods of addressing the issue of a drooping brow.

Non-surgical Brow Lifting

The desire for non-surgical beauty treatments has existed since the dawn of time and has not diminished since the inception of procedures such as the surgical face lift. We understand the draw that patients have for the various minimally-invasive treatments available today. At the same time, we remind patients that the ultimate goal is a beautiful result that will last.

The Botox brow lift may be appropriate for patients who have quickly responded to the development of facial aging. Mild to moderate drooping of the brow may improve when this neuromodulator is introduced into the tensed muscle-group just above or along the brow line. However, the degree of lift is typically only a few millimeters.

The primary advantage to a non-surgical brow lift is that the normal aspects of surgery, the anesthesia, downtime, and incisions, are not necessary to recreate a more youthful appearance. Another advantage of choosing Botox as a starter-treatment is that the short-term results provide a glimpse of the long-term improvements that may result from a surgical brow lift.

Lifting with Surgery

A surgical brow lift is also known as a forehead lift or upper facelift. This procedure does involve all of the aspects of surgery, including a week or two of healing during which bruising and swelling will be noticed. Side effects occur to varying degrees and may be somewhat dependent on technique. While it is necessary to spend some time recovering from a surgical brow lift, the advantages of this option include a greater degree of lifting, greater precision in the shaping of the brow line, and longer lasting results.

Looking younger doesn’t only enliven the face, it can also boost your quality of life. Learn more about options for facial rejuvenation at (403) 245-1228.

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