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What Does a BOTOX®/XEOMIN Cosmetic Treatment Involve?

Your facial muscles are employed whenever you smile, frown, laugh, cry or display any other emotion. As you use your muscles over and over again, you will develop permanent marks in the form of furrows and wrinkles in your skin. These marks are very prominent near your mouth and eyes, and on your forehead. XEOMIN/BOTOX […]

Top Myths about BOTOX® Cosmetic, Debunked

Despite being the most commonly-performed cosmetic procedure, BOTOX® Cosmetic is still widely misunderstood. You’ve probably heard some of these misconceptions before, from the idea that BOTOX freezes the face to those who think that it’s just for women. Help separate fact from fiction and explore some of the top BOTOX myths, dispelled. Top Myths about […]