Cosmetic Surgery for Your Ears

ear surgeryIf you are unhappy with the shape of your ears, don’t worry. You can benefit from a cosmetic surgical procedure called otoplasty. Keep reading for a closer look into this procedure.

About Otoplasty

  • Purpose: This procedure has two major purposes: to set back prominent ears or reduce their size. However, this surgery can also help you if you have conditions such as lop ear, stretched or torn earlobes, and more.
  • Ideal candidates: This surgery is for anyone who is unhappy with the shape of their ears. Since ears grow completely by the time you are four years old, this procedure is often carried out on kids between the ages of 4 and 14. However, adults can also benefit from otoplasty. It’s also advised that all patients be in good general health before undergoing this procedure.
  • The procedure: If the patient is very young, then general anesthesia is advised. For older children and adults, a combination of a sedative and local anesthesia will do. The time taken may vary between one and two hours. The procedure requires an incision near the place where your ear and head meet. Through this incision, any required sculpting will be performed. Then, the cartilage will be bent into the desired position. Sometimes, skin may also be removed and sutures will be used to hold your ear in its place. Further, a bandage will be wrapped around your head for extra support. In cases where only one ear has the problem, both ears may be operated upon to ensure symmetry.

Do You Require More Information Regarding Otoplasty? Contact Dr. Frank.

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