Rhinoplasty in Calgary

Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a “Nose Job”, is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Frank performs. It can be used to correct bumps & indentations, straighten deviations and to decrease or increase the overall size of your nose, restoring balance to your face.

If we don’t like something about our body, we can often cover it up. A pooch in our stomach? Wear a free-flowing dress. Spider veins on our legs? Wear long pants. With our Calgary winters, covering up isn’t usually much of a problem.

But our nose is always right there, and if we don’t like it we can’t hide it. Maybe that’s why nose surgery, clinically known as rhinoplasty, has always been a mainstay of cosmetic plastic surgery.

You don’t have to live with a nose you don’t like. Dr. Frank has been giving Calgary residents noses they love with nose surgery. Whether the changes are subtle or more extensive, nose surgery can reshape, reduce, or otherwise change your nose to make it more proportional with the rest of your face. It can really give your self-esteem a boost, too!

Dr. Frank’s goal is to give you a beautiful, natural looking nose, that compliments your facial features. We want to help boost your confidence, so that you can put your best self forward!


Who should have nose surgery?

Although most rhinoplasty procedures performed by Dr. Frank are cosmetic, patients also come in to correct a former injury or improve their breathing.

Cosmetic reasons — While there isn’t an agreed-upon “perfect” nose, most of us know when there are features to our nose that we don’t like. These are common reasons for cosmetic nose surgery:

  • Your nose has a bulbous tip.
  • Your nose droops downward.
  • Your nose has a prominent bump on the bridge.
  • Your nose seems wider than is proportional.
  • Your nose is not symmetrical.
  • Your nose is crooked from being broken.
  • Your nose is too big, dominating your face.
  • Your nostrils are excessively flared or open.

Injury — Maybe you were playing pond hockey and caught a deflected puck on your nose. Maybe you were in a car wreck or a just suffered a freak injury. Whatever the reason, if you didn’t opt to have your nose fixed then, it could be crooked now. Dr. Frank can fix that.

Breathing issues — Congenital breathing problems are not all that rare. Rhinoplasty can improve your breathing.

Candidates for Rhinoplasty

The best candidates for rhinoplasty:

  • Are at least 13 years old;
  • Have finished facial growth;
  • Are generally healthy;
  • Do not smoke;
  • Are seeking rhinoplasty for personal reasons, not pressure from others; and
  • Have realistic goals for the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia.

Surgeons use one of two techniques when performing nose surgery. In a closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made within the nostrils. In an open rhinoplasty, the incision is made across the columella, the tissue between the nostrils. With both methods, the surgeon gently lifts the soft tissues covering the nose. He or she sculpts the bone and cartilage to the desired shape. Any additional cartilage needed to augment the nose can often be taken from the septum.

If the patient has a deviated septum, the surgeon will adjust the septum and the inner structures of the nose to improve breathing. Then the tissues are re-draped and stitched closed. If the patient desires nostril reshaping, this is done as the final stage of rhinoplasty.

The entire procedure generally lasts one to two hours.

Recovery and Results after Rhinoplasty

For a short time after surgery, patients may experience puffiness, nose ache or a dull headache, some swelling and bruising, bleeding or stuffiness. Most patients feel like themselves within two days and return to work in about a week.

The results of rhinoplasty become gradually apparent as the days pass after surgery and swelling recedes. Swelling may reappear from time to time in the first year after the procedure. It is typically more noticeable in the morning and fades during the day.

Contact lenses can be worn immediately, but glasses may need to be taped to your forehead or propped on your cheeks for up to seven weeks.

Patients with realistic goals for rhinoplasty are generally very happy with the new shape of their nose. The exact results depend on the patient’s nasal bone and cartilage structure, facial shape, skin thickness and age.

Risks of Rhinoplasty

Complications associated with rhinoplasty are rare and, when they occur, minor. These may include infection, nosebleed, or a reaction to the anesthesia.
If you are considering cosmetic surgery to change your nose, call Dr. Frank to schedule a rhinoplasty in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Chestermere, and Okotoks, AB, CA today!

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