December 2013

Top Facts About Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationIn the world of cosmetic surgery, few procedures are more popular than breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery enables women with small, or disproportionate, breasts to look and feel better about themselves following life-changing events like pregnancy or weight-loss.

Let’s take a closer look at the top facts of breast augmentation:

  1. The patient should be involved in the augmentation process. Patients should be as educated as possible about the augmentation procedure. It is also important for the patient to choose the implant size that works best for them. The surgeon will work closely with you prior to the surgery to make sure you are getting personalized care.
  2. Patients should be realistic about the surgery. Since every surgery comes with risks, patients must be educated about the augmentation procedure before choosing to undergo it. Patients must also be realistic about what the procedure can do for them. Surgery will not make a patient perfect, though it will enhance one’s appearance.
  3. Implants won’t last forever. Despite what many think, breast implants are not permanent. Usually, they will last about 10 to 15 years. Women’s bodies often change, due to life events such as pregnancy, menopause, and weight gain, which in turn may cause an implant to shift. Many patients will eventually need to undergo a second procedure to restore the results of the first surgery.
  4. No surgery is the same for every woman. Breast augmentation surgery is a highly personalized procedure  tailored to meet each patient’s particular needs. Incisions need be made to insert the breast implants. These incisions are usually made underneath the breast, around the nipple, or in the belly button. However, since no two breast augmentations are the same, incision sizes will also be different. A patient’s desired results will directly correlate with the size of the incision made. For example, incisions for saline breast implants will be smaller than for silicone implants.
  5. Complications during this surgery are rare. There are risks with every surgery, and breast augmentation surgery is no exception. Possible complications during surgery are swelling, pain, scarring, infection, or changes in nipple sensation.  Fortunately, such complications are rare.

Breast Augmentation in Calgary

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