Don’t Take the 11s to Your Holiday Party

Beauty woman healthy skin fresh clean beautiful faceWith the beauty of Calgary and the surrounding mountains, whether we’re out hiking at Cascade Mountain, skiing at Nakiska Ski Area, or at a million other locales for outdoor fun, we get our fair share of sun. That means we’re also doing lots of squinting. Over time crow’s feet show up at the outside of the eyes and those irritating frown lines (colloquially known as the 11s) form between our eyebrows. You can throw in lines on your forehead.

All of those form due to hundreds of thousands of expressions we make over our lifetime. Eventually, as our skin thins and our collagen declines, wrinkles start to form on the surface skin above these muscle contractions.

But you don’t have to bring your crow’s feet or forehead lines to your social events this holiday season. Botox can erase them! Come see us at JECT Medical Aesthetics in Dr. Frank’s practice, and let’s get you ready for those parties with a Botox session.

What is Botox?

Botox is made primarily from the botulinum toxin type A, the same bacteria that are known to cause botulism. What you may not know is that the botulinum toxin type A also occurs throughout the natural world, commonly found on plants, in soil, water, and the intestinal tracts of animals.

All of that sounds kind of scary, but it’s not. Way back in the late 1940s, scientists studying the botulinum toxin found that when it was injected in very minute doses into a muscle it temporarily stopped that muscle from contracting. Botox came out of that research.

How does it work?

Botox’s secret is that it blocks the acetylcholine in the muscle from doing its job. Acetylcholine is the nerve messenger that communicates between the muscle and the brain. Botox blocks these messages, so the brain never receives them. When the message was to contract a muscle that creates crow’s feet or frown lines, but the brain never receives it, the muscle stays at rest. No contraction. That means no wrinkle on the surface skin, either.

That’s how Botox does its wrinkle-erasing magic on the upper third of the face.

Time is now

If you want to erase your crow’s feet for the holidays, now’s the time to call us at Dr. Frank’s. That’s because it takes about four days for Botox to fully take effect. Come in now and you’ll be ready for that office party or dinner with the in-laws. Call to schedule your Botox session at (403) 245-1228.

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