Is Gynecomastia Treatment a Permanent Solution to Male Breasts?

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) CalgaryBreast tissue is something that we expect to be soft and plentiful on the female chest. On the male chest, the breasts are expected to be slimmer, tighter, more toned. This is true even amongst men whom would not be described as athletic. The presence of excess tissue often leads to substantial loss of self-esteem. Men with gynecomastia often experience a sense of isolation, sometimes going so far as to try and hide excess tissue beneath tight undergarments or layered clothing.  This is why we are proud to provide gynecomastia surgery to the men of Calgary in a professional, friendly manner.

Addressing the Big Question

Judging by the immense popularity of gynecomastia surgery, there is very little question about the efficacy of this procedure. However, men may wonder about the longevity of their new body. Will gynecomastia surgery solve the problem of excess breast tissue for good? Is there a possibility that male breast tissue will return sometime after initial treatment? These are good questions and warrant a descriptive response.

In most cases, male breast reduction meets the objective of sculpting the chest, and also the objective of long term results. The needs of individual patients are met by our performance of a comprehensive consultation and initial assessment. Sometimes the issue is that too much tissue has developed in the breasts. Sometimes, the breast glands are part of the problem. By discerning the extent of involvement during the initial consultation, Dr. Frank can secure the best results for each patient. Now to possible reasons that male breast tissue may re-grow after treatment.

The list of risk factors for gynecomastia are no different for men who undergo initial treatment than for men who do not obtain treatment for this condition. The primary reason why breast tissue may expand is weight gain. Any man who gains a significant amount of weight is at risk for some of those fat deposits setting on the chest.

Secondary to weigh gain, but associated with it in many cases is an increase in estrogen-dominance. Hormone imbalance can occur for other reasons, including the natural progression of age and the onset of andropause. Yes, that’s a thing. Where weight is concerned, what men need to understand is that excess fat allows estrogen to soar. The more estrogen in the body, the less testosterone there may be. It’s a vicious cycle that should be avoided if at all possible.

Additional reasons that expansion of fat cells in the breasts may occur include the use of certain medications, of anabolic steroids, or of marijuana.

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