Are You Considering Revision?

Breast-Implant Revision Surgery Calgary, CABreast augmentation has been a leading cosmetic surgery for many years. As trends have changed regarding what is deemed “beautiful,” some women have sought care to revise and further refine their shape with breast augmentation revision. This secondary procedure may be performed for some reasons, such as:

  • Rippling.
  • Changes to profile due to breastfeeding or age.
  • Desired size change.

It is no secret that breast revision surgery is an intricate matter. The procedure must account for scar tissue and the delicate nature of the implants that are in place. An experienced surgeon like Dr. Frank recognizes the nuances of revision surgery that may limit size increases or positioning. Our staff does our best to walk patients through their revision journey from start to beyond completion to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

What You Need To Know

Breast revision surgery is no less complex than breast augmentation. Having had a previous surgery does not mean that recovery will be any easier. That being said, it also will not be any worse.

Patients can expect:

  • To feel groggy from anesthesia upon waking in the recovery room. A member of the surgical staff will be in the room to welcome the waking patient.
  • Prescription pain medication will need to be taken prior to the depletion of anesthesia. This way, tenderness or discomfort is easier to manage.
  • The torso will need to be propped with pillows or wedges for optimal support. A compression garment will also be worn for several days.
  • It is beneficial to stay in Calgary rather than fly or drive hours after breast revision. Follow-up is necessary to approve travel, so we may recommend scheduling a two-week stay, or purchasing a flexible return ticket.
  • New breast implants settle into their resting position over several weeks. During this time, tingling, numbness, swelling and bruising will gradually diminish.
  • Similar to initial breast augmentation, breast revision requires a short wait prior to resuming exercise and normal work habits.

There is no reason to live with breast shape or size that you do not love. Learn more about breast revision surgery when you call (403) 245-1228.

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