PRP Benefits for Skin Laxity

platelet rich plasma platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a three-step process that can help your skin appear more youthful. In addition to platelets, PRP also contains stem cells and growth factors, which stimulate tissue growth. It can also assist with collagen production, microcirculation, and collagen production, helping to naturally tighten and enhance the appearance of your skin.

Keep reading to learn more about what treatment with PRP in Calgary, Alberta, can do for you.

What Is the Process for PRP Treatment?

During this process, a doctor draws your blood and places it in a centrifuge that separates the platelets from the rest of your blood. Once separated, they will inject the platelets into the targeted areas. The whole process takes about an hour.

The doctor only draws about two to four tablespoons of blood to harvest the platelets, which can then be injected into your face or scalp. They may use a syringe or a microneedling device, which is a roller with many tiny needles. In some cases, the doctor may also use a filler with the platelets.

What PRP Could Do for You

Some researchers have found that platelet-rich plasma injections can:

  • Diminish acne scars
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Minimize deep creases
  • Plump sagging skin
  • Improve complexion

What to Expect After PRP

After you receive a PRP treatment, you may exhibit some bruising, swelling, and a bit of pain at the injection site(s).

Results and the Number of Injections

Most people require at least three treatments to see any visible results. The full effects of the results can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Some doctors will use a filler mixed with your platelets for more immediate results. Your younger-looking face could last up to 18 months before you have to repeat the process.

When You Should Not Have a PRP Treatment

Under certain circumstances, you should not receive PRP treatment, including when you have:

  • Hepatitis C
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Skin cancer in the area your doctor will be treating
  • Cardiovascular disease that requires you to take a blood thinner

Where to Find Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments in Calgary, AB

Ryan C. Frank MD FRCS(C) serves the Calgary, Alberta, area in Canada. Talk to Dr. Frank to determine if platelet-rich plasma treatments can help you look younger. To arrange for an appointment, please call 403-245-1228.

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