Planning Recovery from Abdominoplasty

AbdominoplastyThe shape of a person’s body may change for a number of different reasons. Many women experience frustrating changes that stem from motherhood and the skin-stretching that occurs around the midsection. For both sexes, weight loss can lead to an undesirable appearance of loose, sagging abdominal tissue. In the office of Dr. Ryan Frank, we help patients address these concerns with abdominoplasty, also known as the tummy tuck.

According to expert opinion, one of the most vital aspects of a satisfactory outcome to plastic surgery is to have realistic expectations of your new appearance. We agree with this, and discuss expectations at length with our patients. In addition to knowing what to expect in terms of final outcome, we think that it is important to also identify ways to aid the recovery process.

Planning Translates into Greater Comfort

  • Your body knows, so listen. In the days following your procedure, the number one message your body is likely to send you is that it wants to rest. If you sleep a little extra, or a lot, it’s all part of healing so don’t deprive yourself of that.
  • Medication for pain relief is prescribed for a reason! Don’t wait until you become uncomfortable, take medication as a preventive. You’ll be glad you did. Make sure your medication is available when you return home from surgery; have it filled prior to your procedure date.
  • Comfort is of the utmost importance after surgery. Prepare a space with extra blankets, pillows, and entertainment that will ensure your ability to relax and rest as often as necessary.
  • Preparing healthy foods before your surgery can prevent you from feeling any need to cook during your recovery. Avoid carbonated beverages in order to prevent uncomfortable bloating. Drink plenty of water every day, and try to eat fresh foods, not processed meals.
  • Have support! Your recovery from abdominoplasty will go much more smoothly with a team of assistants who can make sure you take your medication, prepare and serve your meals, and care for kids and pets.

Plastic surgery is a big decision. Our team provides you with the information and support you need to complete your transformation process.


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