Does Breast Lift have to Mean Implants?

Breast LiftThe human form changes over time. For a woman, this can mean that her midsection expands as she carries her children. It can also mean that her breasts enlarge, and remain that way, for several months or years as she nurses and nurtures her growing family. From hormonal fluctuations to weight gain with or without pregnancy to the simple aspects of aging, a woman’s body goes through a lot. At some point, what is seen in the mirror feels somewhat unrecognizable to what she had enjoyed in her youth. If this resonates with you, there is immense value in implementing healthy habits to nourish your body – and in consulting with your trusted plastic surgeon to correct concerns such as drooping breasts.

Like any cosmetic procedure, it is necessary to ask many questions. One that we often hear from women considering breast lift surgery is whether or not they can obtain their desired result without breast implants. Mastopexy is focused on lifting alone, not on adding volume. So, the answer to this question is yes, it is possible to get the desired result without implants. The caveat is that it depends on the results you want to achieve.

A Closer Look at Expectations
Breast lift surgery is performed to reinstate a more youthful projection of the breasts through repositioning. If the nipples and areolas have also taken a downward turn, they can be repositioned, as well. After the mastopexy procedure, breasts sit higher on the chest. This may give the illusion of greater fullness. However, no volume is added, so the upper pole of the breasts may have a minor slope where deflation has occurred.

If the end-goal is to recover the position and “perkiness” of the breasts, then a patient may be completely satisfied with her breast lift. If the desired outcome is to add volume in order to restore or create fullness and shape, we would discuss how breast augmentation with implants may be the best way to achieve this.

Patients of Dr. Frank are provided with the personal attention they need to explore their options through in-depth discussion of expectations and recommended procedures. If you would like to know more about breast lift or breast augmentation surgery, call our Calgary office at (403) 245-1228.


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