Thinking about Rhinoplasty? Here’s What you Need to Know!

rhinoplastyIf you’re unhappy with the size, shape, profile, or other characteristics of your nose, chances are you may have considered rhinoplasty. As you move toward your most confident decision, here are some details you want to know.

  • One of your most important decisions about rhinoplasty is choosing your surgeon. Technique is vital to an optimal outcome.
  • An experienced surgeon is one part of the whole. The end-result of rhinoplasty can also be affected by your genes! If cartilage and skin are weak, these factors can diminish what the most skilled surgeon can achieve.
  • Your nose is your nose. Yes, it’s good to have an idea, or even images, of noses you admire. However, your surgeon should take into account how your “ideal” would actually look on your face.
  • The intent of your experienced plastic surgeon is to create a nose that is at home on your face so the whole is enhanced.
  • The architecture of the nose can only be modified so much. Reshaping is a meticulous process that involves cartilage more often than skeletal structure.
  • Cartilage manipulation and removal also needs to be somewhat limited. Removing too much will affect the structural integrity of the whole, and may create a deformity. Ideally, skeletal support will be sustained or even reinforced. by proper shaping.
  • It is nearly impossible to achieve perfection with even the most painstaking rhinoplasty procedure. Insisting on this could lead to a great deal of disappointment.
  • In some cases, a minor revision surgery can be performed to put the finishing touches on a previous rhinoplasty. However, this is typically only done to improve breathing capabilities or shape. Rhinoplasty revisions are considerably more complex than the initial procedure, which is why it is vital to choose your surgeon with the utmost care.
  • Generally speaking, a young patient with firm cartilage, good health, and resilient skin should be able to achieve the desired outcome from rhinoplasty.
  • The final result from rhinoplasty can take months to fully appear. Expecting this can give you the patience you need to feel the most satisfied with your process.

Modern surgical techniques and the right structural and genetic makeup can add up to a beautiful rhinoplasty experience. To learn more about this procedure, call (403) 245-1228.


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