What is a Breast Mastopexy?

Breast Mastopexy?Over time, women experience significant changes in both their body and their breasts. These changes can be caused by life-changing factors, such as aging, changes in weight, pregnancy, and menopause. These life events can often lead to saggy-looking breasts that look unflattering, and make a woman feel uncomfortable about her appearance.

Women who are experiencing these changes in their body may benefit from breast mastopexy (“breast lift.”) Let’s take a look at some commonly-asked questions about this procedure.

  1. What exactly does breast lift surgery involve? Breast lift surgery is firms and lifts the appearance of breasts, with the removal of excess skin in the area that causes the breast to look saggy or unflattering. The remaining skin is tightened, which restores and reshapes breasts. As a result, the patient has a more flattering appearance.
  2. Will the size of my breasts change as a result of this surgery? No, the breasts will not be altered in size during this procedure. Breast lift surgery does not provide the same benefits as breast augmentation. Breast lifts are performed to restore a more flattering shape to a woman’s breasts.
  3. What will this surgery involve? Breast lift surgery is usually performed in a hospital or surgical center, as an outpatient procedure. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and normally lasts for about 1 to 3 hours. Incisions will need to be made in order to remove excess fat and reposition the breasts. Results are immediately noticeable. Most patients return to normal activities a week or so after undergoing the surgery.
  4. Is breast lift surgery the right choice for me? Ideal candidates for breast lift surgery are healthy individuals who do not smoke and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Doctors also recommend that candidates seek breast lift surgery to improve their own self-image, and not seek surgery to please someone else.
  5. Are there risks associated with breast lift surgery? Risks of the breast lift procedure include persistent pain, infection, and scarring. Fortunately, most patients who undergo this procedure only experience temporary side-effects, and are able to heal well following surgery.

Breast Mastopexy in Calgary

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