Why Choose Breast Augmentation?

Breast AugmentationThere are plenty of reasons why individuals engage in breast augmentation surgery. Even though it is one of the more common forms of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation surgery is still an important procedure and many factors must be considered before scheduling a consultation.

There are many medical and aesthetic reasons for seeking breast augmentation surgery. Some of the more common reasons are listed below.

Breast Augmentation and Weight Gain

Breasts shift as time progresses. Weight gain can have an impact on a breast’s size, shape and placement on the body. Breast implants can provide better balance and present a more visually aesthetic appearance, years after nature and time have taken their toll.

Breast Augmentation and Weight Loss

During childbearing years, breasts often lose volume and may appear droopy. While there are no proven exercises or diets that can restore a woman’s body to the way it looked pre-childbirth, breast augmentation has been proven to be a viable option in re-shaping breasts.

Athletes and Breast Augmentation

Having a large chest can lead to back problems in more active candidates. Marathon runners, for example, complain about back pain being an issue and will often opt for breast reduction surgery. Athletes may also opt to enhance breast size, and there are many options in choosing the correct implant size that will not interfere with athletic performance.

Cancer and Breast Augmentation

After suffering through the long, oftentimes arduous journey of breast cancer, many women opt for breast reconstruction surgery. A mastectomy may be required to remove one or both breasts, resulting in a massive shift in physical appearance. By restoring a woman’s figure and creating a new shape, a patient feels a sense of normalcy in the wake of such a traumatic experience.

Undergoing a breast augmentation procedure is a serious decision. Whether a potential patient has gained or lost weight, survived cancer or is seeking to reshape themselves with more athletic contours, it is important to weigh the options and understand the reasons behind making such a decision.

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